In my previous article, I presented the benefits of NFT within the numismatic, rare coin market. The currently existing projects do not have all the features needed for smooth trading and asset exchange of the real asset.

This creates room for new platforms covering all stages of physical good trading and exchange. This article will present the architecture of such a solution with a continued focus on the rare coin market.

A one-pixel show

While the NFT craze revolves around digital assets the innovation is well suited for real-world assets.

Check how I used the technology to tokenize the ownership of one of the rarest coins minted on the territory of Poland.

What is an NFT

An NFT, non-fungible token is a token that is unique and therefore can represent assets unique in their nature.
If you have an empty canvas and you compare it to another empty canvas of the same size you cannot tell the difference. They are the same and this is why they are not unique.

However, if a renowned artist draws a painting…

Filip Niziol

Data and Blockchain Expert.

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